Tinglan Huang (b.1993) is a mixed-media sculptor who was born and raised in the south of China. She received her MFA from the Rinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art; and her BFA in animation at LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, China. Now, she is in a nine months residency program in the Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY.  

She focuses on considering the personality’s transformation invoked by social contradictions and changes in self-being. Also, she experiments with an archetype, which can reveal an individual's sub-consciousnesses. Using lines with various materials, like steel stick, wire, hemp rope and yarn, she creates the different structure of her being, from a spot to a line, then to a surface, finally a complex form. Her previous work was large scale and expressed by intensive layout. Her recent fiber work series, The Fluidic Balance, explores the co-existence between the secularized world and the spiritual world. It is her first fiber work. Compared to the hard linear materials she used, the soft fiber material brings new forms of experiences, which is the feeling of crowded and intense from the weaving yarn, even on a small scale. The soft yarn fills every space. She wants to let these liner materials interlace together to reach and build the archetype she searches for.