Yarn, Wood, Linen    

        Yí is the First work from my ongoing fiber work series, The Fluidic Balance, which explores the co-existence between my outer and inner worlds. The Fluidic Balance contains eight natural interrelated elements, heaven, ground, mountain, water, lake, wind, thunder, and fire. They are eight trigrams in Taoist cosmology. Every project in this series is based on the combination of two different or similar elements that reference traditional Chinese divination. They represent that my outer world is unpredictable and unfathomable, and are expressed in the form of interlacing yarn. Lín contains ground and water, and Yí has mountain and thunder. The center part of each piece symbolizes my inner world and my dreams. In Lín

and Yí , I chose punch needle embroidery to visualize them. I believe a dream has functions in balancing and compensating. It helps to deal with conflicts between an individual and the society. A dream not only reveals the past but also offers clues about the future. The piercing process creates an uneven surface which represents the marks in my inner world left by various personal experiences. Changeable and random are the properties of my outer and inner worlds. I am exploring the connection between these two worlds and looking for a fluidic balance.