A Definition       
Steel, Hemp Rope, Steel wire, Fishing wire       

    Since I finished my former piece “The lost in translation,” I noticed that there is a gap, maybe more gaps, between what is in my mind and what I did. This was my first time having a conversation with “the lost in translation.” I tried to know about this gap or these gaps. With the more books I read, and more conversations I did, I realized how difficult keep same page with people. Maybe everyone has their own way to process the information that they could approach. Backward a step, who select the information around us? Our culture circumstance, our social condition and political environment already filtered the some information out that don’t match the social value in this society. This is a first layer of filtering processing. And, then, due to the diversity of human cognition and consciousness, it gonna happen the second layer of filtering processing. Firstly, I thought that the procedure of filtering looks like a fish trap. The more intense knot or more tight weave it has could catch more fish. It seems like if a person has more tight and careful logical mind or more diverse culture background, these characteristics can help her/him catch a wide range of information, process varied pieces of information and absorb it. However, even though it is a fact, this fact happen the other type of procedure of filtering, water filtering. The inside of filter has a very tight construction. When it works, it just could catch some specific compositions, and the rest huge amount of water goes through. There is a limitation in catching the information. Because there is a limitation or gap, people have a desire to seek more and get more. And I am the one of them.