Nothing is everything    
Round reed, Flat reed, Yarn    
74”x101’’x16” (left)    
91”x101”x13” (right)    

        Like the poet Walt Whitman, who famously said, “I contain multitudes,” my work is a discovery of the different individuals within myself. Not just poets and artists, I think any complete human being contains several independent consciousnesses. If Aristotle is right that we are affected by what happens around us and that our nature is made up of past reflections, then I believe we categorize our experiences and thoughts as in a library, and when one category accumulates enough elements, it becomes one of the individual consciousnesses that enables us to experience and perceive different layers of emotions, not just a single simple emotion. A person becomes more unpredictable and complex as a result of this kind of growth. So many indescribable feelings can come out, we don’t know how to deal with them, and they flood and overwhelm us. It shouldn’t surprise us when they show up for the first time, if we understand that we are always learning, not only from external experiences, but also from internal reflection on and integration of those experiences.